Time Square: Heatwave Noon

by Gad Kaynar-Kissinger

Put on your flip-flops.
The sky is broken. You’ll get hurt.
The kid doesn’t get broken
metaphors. He’ll get hurt.
The cut will get infected. He
will turn into a guru on fifth.
Or into a handicap.
Whichever comes first.
Meanwhile celestial angels
are trampled on with earthly boots
trying to pick up the pieces
amidst the throngs of feet with their cups
to go to go to go, go on
in the square of times. The boss won’t wait.
Nor will the king of beasts
splattered on a sky scraper
blinding those who walk in great
auroras, dissolving the throne
of the king of kings about
to crash on their heads
while dangling with his last bit of strength
in silent screams and a menacing
poker face
on a hand atop
Times Square.
And now at the MOMA: a festival
of Buster Keaton and silent

Translated by Natalie Feinstein

Gad Kaynar-Kissinger (70) is a retired Associate Professor from the Theater Department at Tel Aviv University. His poetry was published in major Israeli literary periodicals and supplements, and compiled in seven books, including a bi-lingual Hebrew-Spanish publication Lo que queda (What Remains). For ADHD he won “The General Israeli Writers’ Union” Award (2010). Kaynar is a stage, TV and film actor, and translator of 70  plays from English, German, Norwegian and Swedish. For his Ibsen translations he was designated in 2009 by the Norwegian King as “Knight First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.”

Artwork by: Emily Wiethorn

Emily Wiethorn (b.1991) is a photographic artist currently based in Lincoln, NE where she will graduate with her MFA in Studio Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she is an Instructor of Record and holds a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. She received her BFA in Photography from Northern Kentucky University. She has most recently been awarded the 2017 SPE Student Award for Innovations in Imaging, was a Critical Mass finalist in 2017, a finalist for The Texas Photographic Society’s National Photography Award, and is a featured artist in the spring 2018 issue of PDNedu. Her work has been published online with Musee Magazine, Lenstratch, Loosen Art, among others. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in China and Italy. She works primarily in self-portraiture where she explores notions of feminine identity, societal constructs of femininity, and self-discovery.

Website: www.emilywiethorn.com
Instagram: @emily.wiethorn