#2, #3, #6, #9, #12

by Brendan Connolly

(i cried three times)at the met(once to the
death of socrates, once to wheat fields with
cypresses and once in the classical greek
wing where)jackie danced through the
marble statues, trying to tell the room about
the music(only she could hear through her


we ate warmed biscuits in union square,
listening to children bang on painted pianos
jackie tells me there is a man around
here willing to teach me how to coax
pigeons into my hands
the streets are congested around
construction as we walk along the dirt paths
of the park
she says new york needs some time
to relax, to take stock in the end goal
and that is? i ask
she smiles and shrugs, i guess it/s the
ability to eat biscuits and hold pigeons and
play piano all at the same time


we sniff glue down in her basement and
decide to try and recreate our favorite
ramones songs
we meet and fall in love next to the
soda machine in burger king and take the
brighton local to coney island
we ride rollercoasters as the
afternoon draws long and i ask if she wants
to go to rockaway beach?
no, she says laughing, not even for a


in jackie/s living room we drew horsehair
over our shared lies
we spoke of our lost loves on 1st
avenue, of singing steel and the soviets, of
the third acts we/d miss chasing trains, of
8th avenue in the rain with protestant
whiskey, of the children we/d name for
literary figures, of our favorite movies we
could do better, of saints we made up sitting
on the fountain at washington square park,
of the sunburst spread between the buildings
at dusk from the brooklyn bridge, of
laughter in neon light constellations


we walked the museum mile down 5th
avenue laughing about the things we hate
young girls in school uniforms run
by us to catch the parked ice cream trucks
we paid no attention to the crosswalk
signs, having to save each other from the
rushing traffic
we make fun of high society types of
the upper east side as they pick up the shit of
their purebreds from the broad sidewalks
jackie says all the best art has no

Brendan Connolly’s work has been featured by Genre: Urban Arts, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, Breathe Free Press and elsewhere. These pieces are from a flash collection, stuff about me and jackie in new york city. He lives and writes in Salem, Ma.

Artwork by: Aurelien Bomy