special call for submissions

We are looking for submissions for our LOST issue.

Send us your pandemic stories, your ghosts, your hot mullets, your funny-sad stories about grief and your sad-sad stories, too. Send us hope, send us redemption, send us howling. Send us Sawyer and send us Jack. Send us Kate and send us Claire. Send us something you scribbled in your diary and send us your polished gems. Send your quarantine romances. Your work-from-home comedies, and tragedies, too. Send us something we can’t think to include in this list because it belongs to you, it’s all yours. Send us listicles of treasures you’ve lost in your cupboards, feelings you’ve lost in your heart, people you’ve lost in fevered dreams. Send us polar caps and polar bears and polar opposites. Open Pandora’s boxes. Unearth those works that have been ignored, censored, displaced. Dust off those ancient parchments, palimpsests, facsimiles. ‘Author unknown’ is neither a virtue nor a vice. We don’t have to GPS-map the oriole to enjoy its song. Send us your stories of the universality and humanity of grief, of loss, how these stitch us all together even when we feel most alone. Send us your comic strip fiction. Send us your anxiety dreams. Send us something so beautiful it hurts to read. Send us the ugly, too. We want it all.


Theme: LOST

Entry fee: Free

Microprose word limit (fiction, nonfiction, prose poetry): 500

Poetry line limit: 50

Call opens: May 1, 2020

Deadline: June 15, 2020