two poems

by Konstantin Rega

Inner Dark her scarf fell          faster than a tear and          I plunged forward          yet          unable to stop the drop          we walked on          the island hid itself from us          casting a gray mirror          so we only saw a fractured familiar made of          manipulated vegetation          trails echoing footsteps engraved and          septic          but we discarded these          wounds          sinking through trees until          a building stood          leaned         in our way          sand dirt and          beer tops waited          for our trample to further their          dents and          vanishing          yet          we picked them as herbs instead          as the giant gutted eye watched          they were swept up in a semi-resurrection          then we went to the portal          gazing          crawled through to the pit          that connected the gone eye and deserted head as a          throat might          going to the stomach depths          there we          dropped          the coins clinking in rusty          chorus released and peering we saw          the dark innards          spinning          grappling          like mad ivy and we left re-crossing the bridge          where I thought I glimpsed          mother’s scarf free floating   Roots — Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Konstantin studies British & American Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Kent in Canterbury, England. He has been published by The Claremont Review, Four Ties Lit Review, Minetta Review, FIVE:2ONE, and has won the ZO Magazine Silver Prize for Poetry, and is currently a Review Assistant for Newfound; his blog: Artwork by: Sarai Deza Sarai Deza (27, Pontevedra). She studied artistic and fashion photography and art direction. She is currently working in Madrid. She likes to develop an idea and find everything she needs to carry it out. She does conceptual photography and she likes to use the color and the composition in the narrative. Links Website: Instagram: @saraideza