I Think I Drove Through There Once” by Jill Talbot | nonfiction

Little Catastrophes” by Jakky Bankong-Obi | poetry

A Girl Opens A Museum” by Ruth Joffre | fiction

Still Life Without Gratitude” by Jill Crammond | poetry

The Other Side” by Lucy Zhang | fiction

No thanks to Sunday blues” by Tyrel Kessinger | poetry

The Smell of Rain Makes Me Lonely” by Steve Edwards | nonfiction

Fire” and “My Double Bass Sings” by Jacob Ramirez | poetry

Sinkhole” by Jules Hogan | fiction

Unfortunate Deaths From Our Graduating Class, 1994 (Compiled in 2019)
by DeMisty D. Bellinger | poetry

The Love You Make” by Al Kratz | fiction

Reflections of the Bumblebee” by Maia Elsner | poetry

Abscess” by Tess Rauscher | nonfiction

Items May Shift During Takeoff” by Beth Gordon | poetry

Branches” by Christian Aguiar | fiction

Synonym” by Taylor Kirby | poetry

My Mother’s Ghost” and “Thumbs Up” by Francine Witte | fiction

Wanted: Partner For a Podcast” by Joshua Clayton | poetry

Beautiful/Lost” by Kathy Price | nonfiction

In difficult times I’m guilty of preening myself” by Satya Dash | poetry