Best of the Net 2019 nominations

fiction | “Here Devils” by L.W. Nicholson
fiction | “My First Year in the City” by Alex Miller
nonfiction | “Thawing” by Claire Hodgdon
nonfiction | “Where the Wild Things Are” by Krys Malcolm Belc
poetry | “Chaos 1:1” by Faylita Hicks
poetry | “How I Survive the Highwire” by Natalie E. Illum
poetry | “Portrait of Brother Encased in Concrete” by Joel Salcido
poetry | “Sanctuary” by Lisa Mecham
poetry | “Shibboleth” by Anthony Lawrence
poetry | “teacher says it’s against his religion to call trans students by their preferred name and gender” by Sally Burnette

Best Small Fictions 2019 nominations

Five Micros” by Kathy Fish
Mistaken” by Kaj Tanaka
Minor Scenes With Dad” by Nicholas Cook
None of us should be here” by Melissa Goode
What kind of” by Teresa Stenson

Pushcart Prize 2019 nominations

fiction | “Five Micros” by Kathy Fish
fiction | “Mistaken” by Kaj Tanaka
fiction | “Minor Scenes With Dad” by Nicholas Cook
poetry | “In a Constant State of Ruin We Find Light” by Meghan McClure
poetry | “Nocturne: The Candidate Arrives in Birmingham” by Amorak Huey
poetry | “When You Tell Me I’d Be Prettier With Straight Hair” by Ashley M. Jones

Best Microfictions 2018 nominations

How Much Drama Does a Drowning Need?” by Kara Vernor
Greased Lightnin‘” by Meghan Phillips
While My Father Was Dying, He Wore My Hat” by Frank Candeloro
Dead Giraffe in a Big City” by Erik Fuhrer
Happiness, Lies, & Reno Rush” by Jules Archer
Between not much and nothing” by Tara Isabel Zambrano
An Arm or a Palm Frond or a Boot” by Michelle Ross
What kind of” by Teresa Stenson

Best of the Net 2018 nominations

fiction | “Stolen Gig” by Sarah Shields
fiction | “Greased Lightnin‘” by Meghan Phillips
poetry | “The Chances of Rain” by Ryu Ando
poetry | “A Man and a Woman Sleep on the Same Bed” by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan
poetry | “Good morning, I too am learning something new today” by Devin Kelly
poetry | “I’ve Learned” by Tina Mozelle Braziel
poetry | “Sonnet with Kanye West and Late Uncle” by Ashley M. Jones
poetry | “Untitled” by Amelia Martens (first poem in post)