We are open for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions for the following periods each year: January 1 – 15, April 1 – 15, July 1 – 15, and October 1 – 15.

Note: We are postponing our July call to August 1-15 in order to catch up on reading and responding to submissions currently in our queue. 

Note: We cap our poetry submissions at 250 submissions each reading period. 

There is no fee for any submission sent during these submission periods.


Fearless fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork. Literary, speculative, experimental, or absurdly unclassifiable, just make it bold and beautifully written.


For fiction, send up to 750 words in a single document. This includes fifty word stories, drabbles and other microfiction, flash, and short stories.



For poetry, send up to 5 poems, no longer than 50 lines each, in a single document. We’ll consider anything from unrhymed couplets to haibun to prose poems. Invented and experimental forms are encouraged.


We believe every genre has its place, but will not accept erotica, splatterpunk, or other extreme works. Sex, violence, and vulgarity are fine, so long as they serve a purpose.

At this time, we are only interested in unpublished material, so please send us pieces that have not yet been published (“published” includes publication in other literary magazines (print or web), on your blog or your own website).


If your work is selected for publication by Pidgeonholes, you agree to grant First World Electronic Rights and Non-exclusive Archival Rights, so we may continue to archive your work. All other rights remain with the author. If your work is published elsewhere in the future, please give a nod to Pidgeonholes as the first place it appeared.

While we’d love to pay money, at this time we can only pay in love, promotion, and a lasting relationship with our authors.


We are proud to use Submittable as our submissions system. Just click the button below and submit to the currently open category!submit


We write, too. Simultaneous submissions are fine, so long as you let us know if the work is accepted elsewhere. Since we allow for multiple works to be sent in a single document, please only submit one document at a time. Please also submit to only one genre at a time.

If you receive a rejection, please wait one month before submitting again.

If you receive an acceptance, please wait six months before submitting again.


We hope to respond to all submissions within three months. Once you hear back from us, please wait one month before submitting more work; submissions that fail to meet this guideline will be deleted unread.

We are listed on Duotrope and The (Submission) Grinder. We would appreciate if you would take the time to report your submissions and responses.


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We recognize that abuse and sexual harassment are endemic to the literary community and are committed to keeping our journal a safe space. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.