Robert James Russell


Robert James Russell is the author of the novellas Mesilla (Dock Street Press) and Sea of Trees (Winter Goose Publishing), and the chapbook Don’t Ask Me to Spell It Out (WhiskeyPaper Press). He is a founding editor of the literary journals Midwestern Gothic and CHEAP POP. You can find him online at and on Twitter at @robhollywood.

Artist Statement
I’ve been creating art for most of my life, from selling comic books at middle school lunch to (still) intuitively doodling on every piece of paper I find. I work across mediums, but primarily in pencil and ink, watercolor, and digital coloring. I have an affinity for drawing by hand and touching up images digitally. I’m inspired by the natural world, especially the oft-missed and misunderstood. Through all my art, from cartoon characters to logos to watercolor portraits, I am continually seeking to learn more about the world—the seen and unseen, the stories and histories we both know and don’t—and our place within it.

Twitter: @robhollywood