Two Micros

by Erik Fuhrer

The Rotten House

In the rotten house lives a woman with a red umbrella who marches children back and forth down the hallways like ants.


Dead Giraffe in a Big City


Many people think it came from a circus but it came from Jim’s backyard—he’s been raising wild animals ever since his father showed him how to feed a lion without catching any teeth.


You’d think in a big city like this a Giraffe would be easy to spot but people justify a lot of shit through rationalizing. They say: it must have been a billboard or they’re filming a movie over there.


No one takes anything seriously until something dies.


Erik Fuhrer is a PhD and MFA candidate in English and poetry at the University of Notre Dame. His flash fiction has been previously published, or is forthcoming, in Unbroken Journal, Microfiction Monday, Former Cactus, and Leopardskin and Limes.

Artwork by: Jerry Kirk

Jerry Kirk is a Native American Artist and Poet based on the Lac Courte Orielles (L.C.O.) Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. Who specializes in brightly colored surrealistic art. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1983. He’s displayed in various galleries including The Kurk Gallery in the University of Wisconsin, Superior.

Twitter: @ArtistKirk