Jerry Kirk


Jerry Kirk is a Native American Artist and Poet based on the Lac Courte Orielles (L.C.O.) Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. Who specializes in brightly colored surrealistic art. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1983. He’s displayed in various galleries including The Kurk Gallery in the University of Wisconsin, Superior.

Artist Statement
I always believed that style and content were inseparable. I was instructed by Norbert H. Kox a apocalyptic surrealistic artist. I learned his technique of layering paint at age 13 and since then have explored and created my vision of what simple surrealistic art is. My influences range from Hindu religious art, Zen lines, renaissance art, basic design concepts, Op art, Salvador Dali and M.C. Esher. The use of chess pieces is used to represent people, the Zen line greenery and various shapes and patterns in the background, trees and shrubs. The artwork are symbolic scenes of the human condition. “The Beginning of N.V.” is about what the title suggest. I tried to envision what the beginning of the feeling envy, a strong negative human emotion, looked like. I used a lot of green in the painting because of the phrase, ‘Green with envy.’ I used the white as negative space to contrast with the bright colors. Black and white squares create the illusion of depth. There’s also a white space in the middle which represents the entrance way to the feeling of envy. A bishop chess piece, a wise man, sits in front of the entryway ready to enter or avoid the beginning of envy.

Twitter: @ArtistKirk