Little Catastrophes

by Jakky Bankong-Obi

somehow / yet to unravel the persistent spine of mould.
it’s tapestry of food, medicine, poison / always with some suspicion.

in the taxonomy of growing things / decay can also mean logical conclusion

/ inchoate / substrate of compost, misting.
how to keep from slipping off the spill shots of a season’s coil?

proliferate / mushroom from what must go on

/ phyla fungi / little catastrophes of rot. refugia.
because even in the absence of light, there is still so much life can / gift

the dank its own reason

/ mulch /what did not take from before.
whatever flowers, name it survival / beauty

and ruin we could subsist on and thrive.

Jakky Bankong-Obi writes from Abuja, Nigeria. Her poems have been featured in London Grip, The Kalahari Review, Cephalo Press, Amberflorazine, Zarf Poetry, Gutter Magazine, Memento; An Anthology of Contemporary Nigerian Poetry and others. Jakky enjoys long walks, yoga and dabbling in nature photography. Jakky is on Twitter as @jakkybeefive.


Artwork by: Dias