Two Poems

by Christine Guaragno

Ars poetica horizontal on the kitchen floor you are a body for ekphrastic. you see your own clouddark self. the dog already fed. padding around your head panting into your air. your slog. august heat in february. you are wind stuck in a closed room. got it? okay. your dog is whining hungry for a second helping & sniffs inside your mouth. When you float above yourself—you, a wind hungry for space. the dog with no place to dig—the dog with no mouth seeks food. Stop this drama, bring your cloud back to the blimp of your body. feed the dog slog. sweep up you sack of heat. Look the dog in his amber eyes & let him see your eye stick out your tongue catch his glance and savor first the iris, then the pupil—   a recipe from the southern sympathy cookbook fat on a blue china-plate         a fly, floating in milk            a black orb the sun, like sweetrolls                       the sun, milky sweet,  the sun, a china-plate like scalded milk on a sweetroll                     a sweet sun floats in my milk  a different blue my eye,           my milkeye                  my dead, floating the kindness of floating                      of sweetrolls               of flies — Christine Guaragno is an MFA candidate and indie bookseller in Memphis, TN. You can follow her on Twitter @xtine_gmac. Artwork by: Kent Andreasen Kent Andreasen is a multi-genre photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Links Website: Instagram: @Kent Andreasen