A Study of the Last Meme I Sent to My Lover

by Jay Kophy

I have come to love how I can invoke laughter
by sending the meme of a man taking off his glasses

who would think something this ordinary
is enough to cause a miracle

lately I do not pray for miracles like the gif of
the woman looking for God in a gallery

my gallery is an island of little miracles

                          inserts a meme here as proof

which is to say that every picture is as holy
as an empty blue sky. what is an empty blue sky

if not another moment waiting to become a meme

today I realized I have become unfamiliar with words
my conversations have become a trade of emojis & pictures

shhh. do not say I love you. instead. let a jpeg read me
all the sonnets this eight lettered phrase cannot carry

I cannot carry the name of anything that isn’t digital

like the word for a hungry river or a lonely tree
or a child who’s trying to catch the wind with his cloth

see how forgetful I have become

my only memories are what sit in the hands
of a thirsty tree asking for rain

Jay Kophy is a Ghanaian poet and writer. His poems are forthcoming and have been featured in literary magazines such as AGNI, FourWay Review, Indianapolis Review, Glass Poetry, Kalahari Review, Tampered Press and many others. He is the winner of the inaugural Samira Bawumia Literature Prize in poetry. You can find him on Twitter @jay_kophy.


Photography by: Eric Patnoudes