after another big nothing time

by Olivia Muenz

I went to the woods near my house to leave the world and sink deeper into it. The creek made all noise and I drowned myself out. I looked into the water to see fish swimming in the sky which I could take as some great miracle. But I am all realism. I remember the path like I remember my way home all muscle all memory. Each year of my life is imprinted in the same brown masses. Over there is my first depression. Over there is Marc leading the way. And all the people I’ve been here with I don’t see anymore. I wait for the versions of myself around each corner hoping to see someone I know but don’t miss.

Olivia Muenz is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Louisiana State University. She received her BA from NYU and is currently the Nonfiction Editor for New Delta Review. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Salt Hill Journal, Heavy Feather Review, and ctrl+v. @oliviamuenz


Photography by: Joanjo Pavon