After the last breakfast S texts me help
why do I have rocket man stuck in my head?

I appear as dots then fade, wordless
like a friend you see once a year. Like S.

After too long I reply that makes two of us.
I already feel the orbit of waiting

until the next once. Later, Rocket Man
is on the radio and the driver’s phone

actually says continue straight onto Friendship.
I think it’s gonna be a long long time.

City turns to trees turn to signs turn to airport.
TSA shouts if you’re together stay together.

Is there an airport that isn’t under
construction? Is there a life?

Danny Caine is the author of the poetry collections CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, EL DORADO FREDDY’S, and FLAVORTOWN, as well as the book HOW TO RESIST AMAZON AND WHY. His writing has appeared in Literary Hub, DIAGRAM, Barrelhouse, Hobart, and other places. He’s the owner of the Raven Book Store and he lives in Lawrence, Kansas.


Photography by: Alex Blăjan

Later, Rocket Man

by Danny Caine

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