You can ignore wild pigs all you want until you can’t ignore them

by Danielle Fleming

It’s just this time they got it right
I mean that’s what they said
found the reason why some of
us go feral
why we ran too far north
past where they introduced us
tearing forest floor
uprooting grasslands
where they tried to bury us hungry
the herd, all full of bluff and charge
growing despite the scratch of branch on hide
slice of cleaver grind of teeth
something about appetite and its tendency to gnaw at the line
veering from path and limit to name its own
they call us invasive opportunistic
say we have wandered too far looking for water
taken more than our share
devouring tuber, bulb, and acorn
duckling, fawn, and finch
though if we are being honest
still less than what would fill us

Danielle Fleming is a social worker, dog mom, and writer living in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband. Her work has been featured in Bellarmine Magazine, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Tiger Moth Review and The Hopper. She can be found on Instagram as @havendf or twitter @danismalley10


Photography by: Ehud Neuhaus