volume 1: forelsket

Forelsket. It’s one of those words that doesn’t easily translate into English. “Pre-love”, “over-love”, “crush”. The common translation from the original Norwegian is given by the all-wise internet as “the feeling you have when first falling in love”.

That’s what Pidgeonholes is for me.

There are works here that are, at turns, beautiful and strange. That is the very essence of falling in love. There is sweetness, of course, and sadness and sickness. But, those are things that come with love. There are works from the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, and beyond, works that transcend distance with language, like the careful, deliberate, handwritten love letters that lived before e-mail and smartphones. Perhaps most importantly, there is a clear love displayed between the authors and their work, a love that, hopefully, reaches out and grabs the reader for a dance.

This is also my first foray into editing. In these first months I’ve had the opportunity to read so many wonderful stories and poems, but through it all the thing that I’ve been most surprised with are the comments from submitting authors about how much they enjoy this humble magazine. I hope, dear reader, that you will love it too.

Table of Contents

Where Ever Walls” by George Wells

dopamine” by j. lewis

GPS” by Dino Laserbeam

Pigeons” by Mark McKee

After the Noon” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

What the Ocean Does” by C.J. Harrington

The Crafts” by Valentina Cano

UV Blues” by Fred Pollack

Birthmark” by Tyler Kline

Two Dulces” by Mitchell Grabois

A Story’s Genesis” by Clive Tern

Mrs Chakrabati’s Buddha” by Anton Rose

fall against air” by John Michael Flynn