Rupture Marketing & PR

by B.R. Yeager

How do we persuade consumers to fully integrate
genocide into their daily lives?

Make them relish it.
Foreign meat. New and tasty.
Teach them. Make them beg.
Make it necessity.
Make them suck between familiar
muscle and
cartilage for their bread.
Make everyone beneath everyone and
choke their air and soil.
Make it luxury.
Make it inescapable.

And tomorrow we’ll all be rich
sons of bitches.

B.R. Yeager lives with his fiance in Western Massachusetts, where he attends a reasonably-priced community college for a degree he should have gotten out of the way years ago. He harbors deep fear towards teenagers and his family’s history of Alzheimer’s. Yeager’s work has appeared in FreezeRay Poetry and Mixtape Methodology, and is forthcoming from Cheap Pop and Cartridge Lit. Read more about him at