by Shari J. Crane

Why dress a sow in silk and brand it “final” draft?

Why not—
aye the deadline’s in five minutes
draft—or the publish or pillory draft
or why can’t I catch a bligh draft or
the cow-pie tenure bye-bye draft

And why do true poets shoulder the manky blanky?

Why not—
the mouldy snoggers a dragging muddy
poetry above moss and mirror licked
with snot and a bleating against paper

This isn’t prying, but when did
Understood and Is get divorced?

Shari J. Crane is a physician and author from Coronado Island. She writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and will be a contributing writer for the 2015 A Room of Her Own writer’s retreat. She has 14 publications ranging from Coronado Lifestyle Magazine to Academic Radiology and Gastroenterology, and forthcoming publication in The Beechwood Review.