Baseball & Wine

by Claire Polders

“Baseball,” the French student of postmodern literature said, “is as symbolic for Americans as the word ‘home’. ”

She looked into the faces of the American writers present in her professor’s living room and saw that she had failed to hit a home run.

Fortunately, she was allowed another shot. Holding up her glass of wine as a token, she added: “This is why the French pity the Americans. Baseball tastes like nothing, whereas . . . ”

She drank her wine and did not finish her analogy.

Claire Polders is a Dutch author of four novels. She holds a double master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy and has studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her short prose has appeared in anthologies and magazines in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Currently she’s finishing her first novel in English. You can find her at @clairepolders.