(Forget About Greenland Calving Numbered Icebergs)

by Eldon Craig Reishus

Beside the woods behind our campus, we both had the same mummy model sleeping bag. They refused to zip together and in one we couldn’t fit. I woke in the dandelion glow of dawn, our spooned forms the continents before the drift. I wish I could tell you how beautiful you made me feel the world felt.

Long-run, against nature, there’s only one possible outcome: lose. Before my broker became a broker she soaked her clientele by hawking shark liver oil to hold down cholesterol. Each stock she recommends already has The End of the World figured into the price. Gewinn.

No site is sacred when it’s sitting on valuables. Arunda G. at the flash fiction workshop: »Yes! Let go! Let go! Reach deep into the marginalia of your memory banks! What springs forth must have the jeweled momentum of a fudged armed train heist!«

Dieter wrote more indiscriminately than any of us would ever care to read. But his pancakes were as fluffy as those I remember from the Union Pacific restaurant wagon. (If those weren’t hickeys on his neck, if that wasn’t a fishnet toupeeing his head –I don’t wish to know.)

Admiral Cedric Iverhomme at the National Security Summit: »We no longer announce worst-case scenarios –once the next unforeseen eventuality ineluctably hits, we have to totally revise. Why hazard believability?«

But come the end of the day it’s all about what fits on no scoreboard. Pundit Tim Hanson spilling his take to The Guardian:»The shot at the buzzer crowned Jerusalem champions. The world hasn’t witnessed an upset like this since the disappearance of the dinosaurs.«

Arabella Tower, Munich. Born global-warming disbelievers regurgitate the lessons of the womb. Seven storeys below, up and down, row by row, three cars searching for the lone space filled by zero. Your bedspread shredded by the sheer death struggle of five folks making love.

Eldon (Craig) Reishus lives beneath the Alps outside Munich (Landkreis Bad Tölz –Wolfratshausen). He’s an old school Exquisite Corpse contributor with recent work featured or forthcoming at such venues as Literary Bohemian, Am Erker, B O D Y, theEEELSein und WerdenCorium, Word Riot, decomP, Lunch Ticket, and New World Writing. A German-English translator and an all-around web and print media pro, he originates from Fort Smith, Stuttgart, Dachau, Owatonna, Bloomington, Granite Falls, the gone Ytterboe at Saint Olaf, Minneapolis, Portland’s State Street, Berlin’s Schlossallee, and Munich’s Schellingstrasse. Visit him: reishus.de