volume 5: sisu

This is the beginning of our second year. It is a time of shift and change and fearlessness. The title for this volume is taken from the original Finnish sisus, which means “interior”. Sisu translates, roughly, as “having guts”, but not in the physical or momentary sense; instead, it is sustained, headstrong, and doesn’t bow in the face of adversity or failure. The pieces represented in this volume, in addition to our renewed resolve to bring our readers daring new literature, hope to capture that essence.


Table of Contents

The Joy Kill Series [or] Becoming Less of a Human and More of the Sky” by Kathryn H. Ross

The Boyfriend Test” by Elizabeth Archer

Weight Watcher” by S. Kay

Green Fingers” by Anton Rose

Orientation” by Mary Casey

Paul Practices Yoga” by Dan Nielsen

Extremity” by Jessica June Rowe

How to purify your broken bones” by C.M. Keehl

The Bath” by Jordan Sanderson