The Double Dark Theory of Our Universe

by Chloe N. Clark

I too believe that our lives are
not as interwoven as we are led to
believe, that you and I were
only coincidences in the others
timeline. Still, something

as simple as the entanglement
of our fingers reminds me that
once I felt entirely safe within
your world. Do you often, also, think

about black holes? How they taste
and swallow all the stars in their
path? Sometimes, when I see
you in a crowd, and I pretend
not to, I remember the way you

looked the last night I saw you
and you said in another life
we would be happy. And I said
in another life we would be

free from one another’s ghosts.

Chloe N. Clark’s work appears in such places as Bombay GinDrunken BoatFlash Fiction OnlineHobartMidwestern Gothic, and more. She writes for Nerds of a Feather and Ploughshares. In addition she teaches college comp and tweets @PintsNCupcakes.