Andres Gonzalez


Andres Gonzalez is a Mexican born photographer, currently in Phoenix, AZ. Although he can trace his creative urges to his childhood, as a tinkerer, loving to draw and inventing wild stories, he’s lived most of his life from one day job to the next, never fitting in. Later in life, he finally breaks free of this cycle, reconnects with his lifelong creative urges and takes up photography as an outlet for these.

Artist Statement
I go out on walkabouts each week in random urban environments, letting my curiosity and intuition lead me to find images that appeal to me as visually stimulating. I tend to look at a scene by contemplating how the different visual components complement each rather than the objects these represent. As such I tend to avoid subjects that rob too much attention such as people, sunrises, etc, and I’m more interested in visual arrangements between common background elements, capitalizing on the visual harmony of the lines, colors and shapes. Consequently the images tend to be more abstract in nature. I’m also very interested in the subjective experience of the artistic process, what prompts action, what makes it stale, the ups and downs, the self-doubts and the motivation to further it along. As such I commit myself to write a blog, reflecting mostly on my experiences navigating through this process.


Instagram: @andfan12
Facebook: @agphotographyart
Twitter: @afanfalone