Aurélien Bomy


Born in Nantes (FR) in 1978, Aurélien developed a taste and interest for the arts at an
early stage. He is a clinical psychologist, based on psychoanalysis, in hospitals, private
practice and associations.

In parallel with this path, experience, studies, publications, teaching and clinical practice,
he continues an artistic practice in various ways. He discovers and learns from other
artists, designers, webmasters and graphic designers, how to publish articles, create,
design, illustrate websites, and how to perform in web streaming, computer graphics,
animation and video edition. He finds out the use of tools that allow him to give a new
impulse to his artistic work, in photography and in the creation of animated collages

Proceeding by associations, accumulations, aggregations, superpositions, splitting,
sliding and stepping, his works contain a gap arousing confusion, fuzziness, disorder,
disorientation, euphoria, malaise, loss of landmarks to touch the affects. By subtly
subverting the symbolic coordinates of space, the aim of this work is to attack the
univocity of interpretation of vision, fixity and the unifying power of the image. Thus to
summon subjectivity by forcing the gaze to reform landmarks, to make singular choices
towards novelty, surprise and invention, to raise the inexpressible and unrepresentable
reality of life in a movement, a temporality.

This approach, bordering with the impossible, tends, in its testing, to push its limits to the
very edge, while maintaining the function, the limits of figuration, in the domains and
media used. It aims to reveal the illusory nature of any vision of the world, of any
supposed border between dream and reality, to demonstrate that the latter is nothing but
singular, fictional, fantasmatic and subjective.

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Instagram: @aurelienbomy