Diane G. Martin


Diane G. Martin, Russian literature specialist, Willamette University graduate, has published work in numerous literary journals including New London Writers, Vine Leaves Literary Review, Poetry Circle, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters,  Examined Life, Wordgathering, Dodging the Rain, Antiphon, Dark Ink, Gyroscope, Poor Yorick, and RhinoConclave, Slipstream, Stonecoast Review.

Artist Statement
An older, disabled woman, who has been a single mother for 35 years, I consider myself strongly feminist, pacifist, and currently very distressed and anxious about the world’s apparent current drift into an exclusive rather than inclusive, polarized and hate inspired political and social climate. But primarily, I am a human being who feels adamantly that art can and must crystallize experience and emotion using seriously honed craft to the best of our abilities as artists in order to address powerfully the challenges we all face. Further, in this era of the trend toward “anything goes” style, it seems to me that the most avante garde approach I can take is to write more formal verse, and photograph atmosphere and express feelings.

My greatest influences have been Russian literature, visual art, and drama. My greatest teachers have been travel, languages, illness, and poverty, which serve to develop compassion.

Website: www.dianamartin.ru