Julia Hornsby


Julia has been taking photos seriously about four years and has won several contests. She learned about good photography mostly from trial and error, although her father and sisters gave her pointers too. Her favorite aspect of photography is editing. Plants, animals, and sunsets are her favorite things to photograph.

Artist Statement
I love capturing single moments in time with my camera. I use photography to document beauty I find and memories I do not wish to ever forget. I put the spotlight on the things that are overlooked. From the view of dew drops on clovers that are trampled underfoot—never given a glance, to miles-long scenes at the top of a mountain, I want to preserve all these memories that would be lost to time.

As a photographer, I strive to convey beauty and to remind people to slow down and spend a moment in the present. There is overwhelming beauty in this universe. I want to show people the beauty I see, the beauty in the thing they could not stop long enough to see the beauty in for themselves. I want to remind people not to get so caught up in themselves that they miss these precious moments.