Louise Verdonne


Louise Verdone has practiced photography, mostly street photography, since 1978. In 1981, she received a Fine Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal, her hometown. She photographs in black and white, except when colour imposes itself. Her canvas is usually Montreal.

Artist Statement
The photograph “Wavy” is part of a larger series entitled Sidewalk Angles.  The photographs in that series depict street scenes of urban dwellers on sidewalks. Photographing in such a constrained space gives the images strong diagonal lines. As with all my street photography, I aim to capture in a fraction of a second the endless decisive moments of everyday life when content and form come together to create a satisfying image. In “Wavy”, the tight wavy lines of a street drawing on the narrow lines of a brick wall coincide with the tightly wavy hair of the woman passing-by and the tight bundle of roundish shadows of the leaves of a tree on the pavement. Along with the interplay of light and shadow, these elements make for a richly textured image.

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