Sarah Shields


Sarah Shields is an artist and writer living in Southern California with her family and one very naughty cat. Her artwork has appeared in The PinchFigroot Press, and Gigantic Sequins among others. She is lost and sometimes found on Twitter @saraheshields.

Artist Statement
Much of what I create comes from and is instructed by my love of children’s literature. From an early age I was drawn to the darker, fantastic side of the psyche. I have always found comfort in this part of me. It is a tangled, familiar place where beautiful things thrive even if it is also a place where fear, pain, and tragedy find refuge. Beyond scenic value, I love the use of bright, heavy colors as a promise of hope and loose, varied lines for accessibility and balance. What often comes to the surface is a reflection of internal struggles to find and accept my voice and stay healthy in a world which, so much of the time, desires to hurt us.

Twitter: @saraheshields