TK Saeed


TK Saeed is an self-taught abstract artist and writer. Her body of work queries modern society and the human condition. Based in the UK, she worked in different areas of the legal industry before being adopted by a stray tabby.

Artist Statement
If words connect with logic and reason, and images of forms speak to the conscious mind, then abstract art breaks through artificial constructs — language, culture, thought, ego — to resonate within the heart of the viewer. With my artwork, I seek to bypass the physical, outer aspect of things and connect to the experiential, inner world of senses and emotions.

My paintings typically involve a range of mediums, primarily acrylics and pastels on paper or canvas — which themselves may later be translated into a different digital painting.

I like to evoke a certain mood by playing with texture and colour. Often, the focus will be a poem or prose that has moved me, distilling the feelings evoked by those written words into something visual and visceral. Other times, the inspiration will be a scene or a series of memories. Every painting is colour-rich and either stylised or abstract. The process is usually quick and highly intuitive, using a full selection of tools, materials and techniques.

Influences include Georgia o’Keeffe, and CG Jung’s work on Archetypal Psychology.

Instagram: @rembrandtrosie
Twitter: @rembrandtrosie