Vladimir Lyovin


Vladimir Lyovin is a Russian photographer who specializes in fine art photography. Vladimir was born in 1984 in Omsk. In his home town he received the qualification as a fine art photographer. Since 2011 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. Vladimir is working and developing as an independent visual artist. In his art Vladimir explores digital photography, thus, creating digital paintings.

Artist Statement
One day I noticed that with certain settings my video card produces a continuous glitch effect. At first, it made me wary, later, however, I took advantage of the situation by having taken pictures of the screen using a camera. The screen and its settings have become my new lab. This new series opened me to the new possibilities provided by the flaws of modern technologies. When shooting the series, I came up with new compositional solutions, new framing, new ways of handling color and tone spots. At a first glance it might seem that nude portraits share nothing in common, but thanks to an error, they merged into a single image. Thanks to an error, objects on the photographs lose their original appearance and gain a new one after glitch vision.

Website: www.lyovinphoto.com
Instagram: @lyovinvladimir