Friends Do Funny Things

by Azia DuPont

Inspired by: “Someday”, The Strokes, Is This It?  (2002)

I want to pretend we didn’t kiss in the bathroom last night.
That it was all just a funny joke, see how I’m laughing?
See how we’re friends? See how we do things that are funny?
It was just a nipple ring.It was just you asking to see it.
It was just me taking your hand and leading you into the bathroom.
It was just you asking to touch it.
It was just me thinking Goddamn! That smile!
It was just that the door was closed.
It was just that I knew exactly how to kiss you,
It was just that I always know how someone wants to be kissed.
I can tell by the sound of their laugh,
the way they rest their mouth afterwards.
I knew you’d like to have your bottom lip between mine.
That when I pulled it gently into my mouth, traced it with my tongue,
taking a small nibble and then slowly giving it back to you,
that you’d pull me into your arms
all eager hands.
That for a brief moment
I’d be the infinity you were looking for.
I couldn’t help myself.
Maybe this is why you were always filling my cup.
Maybe this is why I always let you.
Maybe this is why we always end up in the corner laughing.
Maybe this is why I want to call you and grab breakfast.
Talk about how we’re so funny for doing such funny things.
Make sure you know that it’s not a big deal and
Act like I don’t want you to say I love you.
Act like fate resides in a friendship-sized box.

Azia DuPont currently resides in Southern California. You can find her and links to her work online at and also connect with her on Twitter @aziadupont.