Weird words with S. Kay

You have had a number of pieces published by Pidgeonholes, including “Weight Watcher” which appeared in our SISU issue. Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for the piece, and how you feel like you’ve grown as a writer since having it published?

“Weight Watcher” was part of an ongoing number of microfiction stories involving human/robot interactions and foibles. Generally they’re humorous. Since writing it and others like it, I’ve shifted focus away from microfiction into flash fiction, and other longer works including a novella.

What advice would you as a writer now, give you as a writer then?

I would tell myself to keep persisting with my focus on humour and technology, it was a good run and practice helps.

What time of day do you do most of your writing? Describe your writing rituals and your creative space.

I tend to write later in the day instead of when I first get up, but inspiration can strike any time, especially with microfiction. My writing rituals include making tea, relaxing, and avoiding the internet. My creative space is simply my laptop, so wherever I happen to be is my creative space but more often than not I write on my laptop sitting in bed where it’s comfortable.

Are there repetitive themes within your writing? Where do you draw inspiration for these themes, and how do you find yourself drawn to them?

I’m obsessed with robots! I adore them and am really interested in robopsychology and the interactions between robots and humans. This is what my first book RELIANT is about and I also wrote a follow up to RELIANT that hasn’t found a publisher yet. I draw inspiration from social media – I enjoy following robot news and watching videos about advances in the field. From there I try to humanize the technology.

Our goal is to publish absurdly unclassifiable literature. Do you have a favourite piece of writing that goes against the grain?

Of my own work, my book RELIANT is really unclassifiable since it’s a mixture of things – sci fi, experimental fiction, microfiction, humour, and more.

What pieces and/or projects are you currently working on?

I’m doing my best to write a new book about my experiences with microfiction. Unfortunately, I’m ill with cancer and the illness is getting in the way. I’m also trying to get some finished work published but we all know how hard that can be. Aside from writing, I’m making jewelry because I find it’s a low demand on me cognitively, yet creative at the same time. I sell my work occasionally through an art gallery, and also via Instagram (@everhopefully).

S. Kay is a queer Canadian and the author of RELIANT (tNY.Press, 2015), JOY (Maudlin House, 2016), and LOST IN THE LAND OF BEARS (Reality Hands, 2016). She is also known for writing Twitterfiction at @blueberrio.