two poems

by Savannah Slone

And I’ll Tell You How It Feels

Saddle me with the regenerated
crossbreeds of your lusts and furies.

shotgun smoke
into my raw throat.

Drip water on my drying watercolor.

I am a blank canvas—
not ready for creation, but
manually choosing vacancy.

I am a vessel of empty prayers
of the nameless faces of your past.

I am the unbought—
the not yet purchased,
up for grabs,
littered erosion.

Adorn me in your abhorrence and
your favorite perfume.

Pin me down and tell me everything
I’m not. Draw my portrait and craft a grin
out of my timeworn face.

Now, tell me how I feel and I’ll tell you how it feels.


The Slow Down

I still know my small self well:
faded yellow one piece
slow mo juvenile canter through sprinklers
fade to black and white
indiscernible with sun mutilation
but your rose quartz eyes
guide me on.

Borders of dandelion root
contain matte memories:
depression disbelief,
you leave me
leaves in my lattes
cheek kisses both nettle and sage.

Rosemary scented embrace as
Van Morisson’s “Moondance”
plays and we slow dance as
I sear the margins,
stroking your
pearls for nipples,
your textbook areolas—

You: a fortress to my wasteland.

Savannah Slone is a queer writer who is completing her M.F.A. in the Pacific Northwest. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in or will soon appear in Heavy Feather Review, Boston Accent LitThe Airgonaut, Ghost City Press, Sinister Wisdom, decomP magazinE, Maudlin House, FIVE:2:ONE, and elsewhere. Savannah enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, and discussing intersectional feminism.

Artwork by: Natalia Drepina

“Vow of Silence”. Self-portait, 2018. Collaboration with designer Agnieszka Osipa.

Natalia Drepina was born in Lipetsk, Russia. She is a self-taught photographer who specializes in emotional female portrait photography.  She takes photographs since 2009. Her style is characterized by the bleakness, fragility and minor mood of the past.

Instagram: yourschizophrenia
Facebook: NataliaDrepinaPhotography