volume 11: hazards of mercy

The Joker. The Borg. Sauron. Terrorists. Drug lords. The schoolyard bully. Dad. Mom. You.

What defines evil? What cruelties are necessary to place such a lable on an action or person? In a world of rules and laws, is it bad to believe oneself beyond them? Is such a life inherited or somehow inherent? What are the hazards of mercy?

These stories and poems explore the villians and the evils in our world, and wrestle to reconcile their places in our lives. Who would we be without them?


Table of Contents

Judas” by Amy Kinsman

Billy the Kid Chooses the Manner of His Own Death” by Kaj Tanaka

Dear Invaders” by Toti O’Brien

Hire of a Child, From Her Mother” by Jared Pearce

Desert Gardens” by Jane-Rebecca Cannarella

Hail Sincerity” by Aaron Kent

Jocasta” by Kate Shakespeare

The Lesson” by Thomas Kearnes

Francis Bacon’s The Black Triptychs” by Charles Kell

Zephiran Chloride” by Martha Webster

Bystander” by Ron Burch

Lost Boys” by Eleanor Rector

Poised To Run” by Clio Velentza

Photo by: Ana Prundaru