volume 2: schilderwald

I would love for you to get lost. Seriously. There are a lot of poems and stories here. All of the work featured in our special Poetry Month volume plus the rest of the work from a very busy second quarter. So many signs and symbols. In Germany the streets are crowded in much the same way, so filled with signs that it’s easy to get lost, and this is what we call schilderwald.

Amongst the poems and stories here there are dreams for sale to the highest bidder, fearless Beat enthusiasm, a hurricane, a corpse, and so many more oddities to see. So read on, explorer, and don’t fear the schilderwald.

Table of Contents

Hunting with Masai” by Charles Bane, Jr.

Tuesday’s Landscape” by C.C. Russell

The Hittites Lives So Long Ago” by William Doreski

As a Man Lay Dying” by R.L. Black

Period Sex C.1982” by Lise Colas

Sera” by Harvey Schwartz

Cruise-Circuit du Soleil” by John Michael Flynn

In Praise of Gears and Caterpillar Trains” by Kyle Hemmings

What Goes Up” by Robert S. King

Rupture Marketing & PR” by B.R. Yeager

From the Point of View of the Hurricane” by Pamela Hobart Carter

Heart Rate Monitor” by Laryssa Wirstiuk

What it Was, What is Is” by Yoni Hammer-Kossoy

Last Line” by Tom Pescatore

Torrential Vacuousness” by Grace Black

Dirty Blue” by Ani King

Welcome to Kindergarten” by Fred D. White

Learning New Partridges” by Rae Kennedy

Sweet Hell” by Daniel Lind

We Ran With Flames” by Ashlie Allen

Flicker” by Dino Laserbeam

Going Once” by Nina Shepardson

Escape” by Brad Perry

Ron Loewinsohn” by Jay Gershwin

Immortal” by S.R. Schulz

Produce” by Aaron J. Householder

Scrape Her Up” by Robin White