volume 3: depaysement

The past three months have been a challenge.

I have been consumed with work, with family, and with promoting a quarter and special volume perhaps a bit beyond my abilities as a single human being. While I have been busy, I have felt outside of everything, stretched thin, and I have not been at home, even in my own skin.

This volume captures that, and is fittingly dubbed dépaysement , from the French term describing the feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country. Many of the pieces here explore an aspect of this feeling, but I will not guide you. There is no map now. No table of contents. Just stories. Read on, and let us share the aches, the worries, the fears, the strangeness, and the triumphs.


Table of Contents

The Willow Switch” by Louis Rakovich

Eczema’s Lover” by Irina Klishch

512” by Owen Lucas

Flan” by Tabitha Chirrick

Basketball” by Michael Prihoda

My Shadow” by Rebecca Harrison

Time Collecting” by Anna Zumbro

Purdies” by Shari J. Crane

Bloody” by Zain Saeed

This Ancient City” by Mark Antony Rossi

Not Even One Grain of Sand Leads to the Final Question” by Rene Salinas

Hibernacula” by D.S. West

One Giant Leap For Clownkind” by J. Tyler Ruthven

Marbles” by E.N. Loizis

Gooseberry Jam” by Jennifer Todhunter

The Price of Satisfaction” by Kathy Steinmann

Chain Link Fence” by Robert Boucheron

Dying in Maryland” by Philip Hanson

Hotel Charlie Echo” by J.D. Kotzman

Grounders” by Sarah Glady

Tineola Bisselliella” by William B. Squirrel

Lungs” by Tiffany McDaniel