volume 6: bello

This means war. Life is battling, is conflicting, is confronting. From the Latin verb, bello, these pieces cry out. A war cry, an acknowledgement of anger and fear, loss and glory. There are no sides to chose in this life; we are all human, and whether we are aware or not, we carry the same flags into the same conflicts over and over again. We are history, tradition, continuing.


Table of Contents

On the first day Mrs. Willis wrote on the board” by Eldon Craig Reishus

Chad Words at the IMF Now” by Anne Weisgerber

When Yesu Came to Nazareth” by Ahimaz Rajessh

Bone Tarot” by Kelsey Lueptow

The Aliens” by Gabriel Congdon

Lexicon of Foreign Love” by Alina Stefanescu

Dead Flag Blues” by Anton Rose

When I Was Young” by Arden Wren Sawyer

Kenny, In Breeding” by Jessica Tyner Mehta

Where” by Ben Meyerson

Commonwealth v.” by Mathew Serback

Photo by: Ana Prundaru