volume 8: wintercearig

Welcome to WINTERCEARIG. The year is almost over again. Winter sorrow is upon us—the same sorrow that has been upon us since January. This year has seen the loss of many lives, both celebrity and those who will, for most of us, remain nameless. Citizens foreign and domestic. Victims of disease, violence, and terror. This year has been tragic, but there is power born from tragedy. The power to overcome. This issue and the pieces in it tackle isolation, identity, and forms of despair from sadness to saudade. Let this exploration of confusion and grief knit new bones to support your spirit this season.


Table of Contents

Sunset, Before” by Saleem Hue Penny

Vigil” by Thomas Kearnes

The Antiquity of Sappho” by Anna Keeler

Leaf Curl” by Elijah Matthew Tubbs

Chinglish vs Americhina” by Changming Yuan

Almeida and Me” by Matthew Nemeth

Shaker Box”  by Tim Kahl

strange constellations” by Natasha Burge

What Prayer Rugs Collect” by Seif Eldeine

The Book of Disquiet: Some Miscellaneous Addendums” by Will Cordeiro

Photo by: Ana Prundaru