volume 9: folio one

One of our founding principles at Pidgeonholes was to promote new voices. While we have been the first publication for a number of writers, we felt the need to renew our efforts of discovery and promotion for unread and little-read authors. To this end, we will be publishing annual FOLIO issues, pairing the work of a writer with few to no publication credits with a more seasoned partner. Our hope is that these authors will not only showcase their work together, but communicate, share, and continue seeking new ways to enrich the literary community.

FOLIO ONE is the culmination of four months reading, a staggering volume of submissions, and some very hard decisions. We are pleased to present to you the work of Sarah Stock and Chloe N. Clark.

BY: Sarah Stock

Just a Drink
The Paramedic’s Inventory
Mother of an Organ Donor
How to Kill Your Marriage

Sarah Stock is a student at Carroll University in Wisconsin.

BY: Chloe N. Clark

The Double Dark Theory of Our Universe
Ways of Travelling

Chloe N. Clark’s work appears in such places as Bombay GinDrunken BoatFlash Fiction OnlineHobartMidwestern Gothic, and more. She writes for Nerds of a Feather and Ploughshares. In addition she teaches college comp and tweets @PintsNCupcakes.