A Tribute to the Music of 2000 - 2009

Production Notes

Music defines us. It unites us. It brings together people of different generations, different backgrounds, and different cultures in a common vision: to move and be moved.

The music of 2000 through 2009 represented a departure from what had come before, but couldn’t disconnect itself completely. This split is what Aught/Naught explores.

We celebrated the turn of the millennium, watched the dot-com bubble burst, saw the end of Concorde flights, the downgrading of Pluto, and the launch of Wikipedia. We watched as spacestation Mir deorbited, the iPod was launched, Iraq was invaded, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all launched, and Hurricane Katrina devastated the American South. Through all of this, we sang and danced and killed and did drugs and tried to cope with an everchanging global landscape we would never recognize again.

In the pages that follow, authors from around the globe dissect a decade that musically, politically, emotionally,was both salve and wound. The words are meant to rip you open, to heal you. The words are written to remind you of one thing that a decade of dichotomy could not change: we are all human, and this connects us.


Track Listing

Descendants of the Unbroken Energy (Modul 28_17)” by Ryu Ando

9 Crimes” by Jennifer Todhunter

Sucking Lemons” by Christopher Iacono

Ways to Make Me Leave You” by Christina Dalcher

Friends Do Funny Things” by Azia DuPont

Moments that Bomb” by Paul A. Hamilton

The Believers” by Aaron Rudolph

Urban Life Decays” by C.J. Pendergast

Benadryl Destroyed My Brain” by Cathryn Shea

Spoils of War” by George Smith Goodin

The Birds We Drank” by Barit Angharad