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To Those Pidgeonholed In Their Shelters, Their Minds, Their Realities:

Pidgeonholes is launching a series of  free lessons to share with you during these tumultuous times. We hope these lessons provide you with inspiration and distraction, as needed—whether you’re stuck at home self-isolating, or continuing to work, as required to do. Rest assured, we’re feeling anxious and uncertain too, and we hope these lessons ease those feelings, even if for a few minutes.

A distraction with purpose.

These lessons will run as long as we can provide them (and, hopefully, for as long as you need them). We have a number of lessons lined up, but if you’re interested in providing content, please contact us at pidgeonholesmag@gmail.com—we’d be more than happy to bring you into the mix.

We will not be providing feedback on pieces created from these lessons. Comment in the notes to the lesson that you’re looking for another set of eyes on your work, and we’re sure you’ll receive a response. What better way to spend this time apart than to read each other’s words.

Panic write. Stab the paper with your pen. Let your stream of conscious out. Let it run. Let it spool across the floor and thud down the steps. Lock yourself in the bathroom with your pad of paper and scream. Sit in the empty tub and forget it all. Sit on the steps of your house, your shelter, your now-closed-up-library, your abandoned space of refuge, and etch down your thoughts, as quickly as your pen will write. Don’t bottle it up. Don’t let it destroy you.

We want to hear this.

We need to hear this.

Let. It. Out.

We are here for you, we see you, and we love you.

With all of our hearts,


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All lessons are being provided free of charge. Instructors are volunteering their time, material, and knowledge without payment. If you’re in a position to contribute for access to these lessons and discussions, we would encourage you to donate directly to causes that support food programs for children and the underprivileged in your neighbourhood, as well as those that support healthcare workers, teachers, small business owners, and independent bookstores.

Photo by: Frederico Respini