Hello, readers! Thank you for stopping by. I am incredibly excited to launch this new website, and to formally announce our new team! Our editors and readers are kind, gracious people, and top-drawer writers to boot. We are amped to read your submissions, and can’t wait to see what you send us. Speaking of submissions, we are open for reading! Our MORNING/NIGHT call runs until April 30, 2018, and our general call for fiction, poetry, and artwork submissions has just begun. We plan to publish our MORNING/NIGHT issue during the first week of May, and to start publishing one piece of fiction or poetry per week around the end of May. In the meantime, we’re delving through our archives, talking to past contributors about the piece they published with us, how they’ve changed as a writer since then, and what inspires them. Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you again sometime soon. Jennifer Todhunter Editor-in-Chief