volume 4: kintsugi

This is the end of 2015, the beginning of 2016. It is a time for things to be made new.

The stories and poems of this quarter, including the works of #MICROVEMBER, are all here, and all have something to say about the cracks we have and what we fill them with. The title of this volume, “kintsugi”(Japanese: 金継ぎ), represents the traditional practice of repairing broken pottery with gold or some other precious metal. This is an act of preservation, of restoration, of acknowledging the history of an object –where it has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

We hope to continue in the future with an energy that recognizes how we began this year, an energy that transforms this new thing into something truly memorable.

My sincere gratitude goes out to everyone involved in our first year, the supporters and the crack-fillers, be they reader, author, staff, or just someone who shared a piece with their friends.


Table of Contents

Plastic Scissors” by Travis Englefield

Fortress” by William Ables

House for Sale” by Christina Dalcher

Adagio in F” by Haley Gill

Liner Notes From Detroit” by Michele Finn Johnson

Construction Off Lincoln and Collins” by Michael Ashby

Into Sleep” by Cathy Ulrich

The Vapors” by Christopher Mulrooney

Yuan Fen” by Stephanie Lu

Outside” by Paz Spera

Scratch” by Sarah Kedar

Frequency” by John C. Mannone

Thin Places” by Amy Orazio

You Win a Prize” by S. Kay

Augur” by Robb Dunn

Zenith and Nadir” by Brian Michael Barbeito

The Guessing Game” by Gen Del Raye

Bomb Fragments” by James R. Gapinski

The Gardener” by Sylvia Heike

Sagebrush Crazy” by Garry Gunnerson

“(Forget About Greenland Calving Numbered Icebergs)” by Eldon Craig Reishus

Baseball & Wine” by Claire Polders

Soft in the Morning Light” by Julia Kingston

The Lost Egg” by Rebecca Harrison

Scenes of Scenery” by Brad Perry

Untitled” by C.C. Russell

Dark Lotus, Black Noise” by Ryu Ando

The Wizard” by Chris Bedell

The Uncanny Disappearance of Fishboy” by Charles L. Crowley

Intervention” by Manek R. Mistry

Invented Anyway Everyday” by Joseph Patrick Pascale

In the Peloton” by Yoni Hammer-Kossoy