volume 7: culacinno

This is CULACCINO. This is not a cup of coffee. This is the mark left on a table by a moist glass – evidence of something that was there, good or bad, hot or cold. We are all marked by an experience, a person, a habit. These pieces bear witness to a world that has touched their authors. By affirming these experiences and feelings, these stories and poems are, above all, an act of healing. Walk with us now, down a brighter, if stranger, path.


Table of Contents

I Am a Spectogram” by Christina Dalcher

Dreams & Grief & Love Things” by Marie Conlan

Circuitous Roots” by Andrew Davie

Be My Anodyne” by Jenelle D’Alessandro

A Certain Coming of Age” by Vivienne Mah

hagridden” by Alex Creece

Celebrating the lemon” by Ana Prundaru

Five Visitations” by Nathan Leslie

Sweet Dream Lullaby” by Abigail Mitchell

Photo by: Ana Prundaru