volume 10: verda

VERDA is something new. It is, on the surface, about “green”. Whatever that means. VERDA is versatile. When I say green, you see grass, zombies, money, album covers, t-shirts. When given the same idea as your friend, your neighbor, what do you do with it? What is the same? What is different? The pieces in VERDA explore worlds and people out of sync and out of balance – ecologically and emotionally – and in doing so, tries to restore some perspective to our lives. In a time when life seems shifted toward grey, it’s even more important to let a little color back in. Be a tidal pool, be a gum drop, be vibrant.


Table of Contents

burial of 2004” by k. lynn johnson

Transfer” by H R Green

Messiah Tortoise” by James R. Gapinski

Black Walnut Down” by Louise Lannink

Land Memory” by Sonja Swift

There Are No More Swans at Table Rock Lake” by Christina Dalcher

Inside the Avocado” by David Antrobus

Most Extraordinary” by Shelley Kozlowski

Barcode Girl is Dead” by Robin Sinclair

A Eulogy for Boo” by Taria Karillion

Sprout” by John Barrale

C48” by Alana Hollenbaugh

tea ceremony” by Terry Dawson

Opposite of a Girl” by Stephanie Hutton

Photo by: Ana Prundaru